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This page contains a collection of activities, articles and videos shown and presented by all the partners during the meetings to allow the exchange of best practices and knowledge.

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Kind of exercise


Acting out the tale "Egle the Queen of Serpents“ KKKJRF Picture dictionary,the text of the tale with tasks.sheets with questions, cards with names of sculptures intercultural skills, reading, writing, speaking, listening skills, vocabulary, creativity Sample form, tale with the tasks, sheet with questions, live sculptures, picture dictionary
Apologizing in different situations LLU Video Speaking, language functions Sample form
At the doctor's KKKJRF Slides, photos, sheets with the matching exercise Vocabulary, reading, speaking skills Sample form, Exercise, Pictures, Pictures & bubbles
Attraction puzzles LLU Pictures cut into pieces Speaking and intercultural skills Sample form
Carpet of symbols and memories VHS     Sample form
Chain dictation FECEAV Posters with drawings of gestures Game to practise oral expresions and build a sentence with a group of students of different nationalities and languages Sample form, pictures1, pictures2, pictures3
Collection of names. Emphasize the importance of learning in a cohesive group FECEAV Empty sheets and coloured pencils. Creativity, spontaneous speaking. Sample form,
Colours and Art: Picture Rallye in the “Neue Pinakothek” in Munich VHS Computers and Internet, cards in different colors Improvement of vocabulary related to colours and art
and of speaking skills (colours and feelings)
Sample form with link to museum, vocabulary lists and suggestions for exercises
Compliment Ice-breaker CTP Post-its, pictures, tape Writing activity Sample form
Creation of Comics VHS Internet Create a comic for language classes How to do it! Presentation
De tapas FECEAV Storyboard Creativity, cooperative learning, reading and writing skills. Sample form, Storyboard, Comic
Diversity city walk "The trail of the strange" VHS     Sample form
Do and Does Question Game VHS Cards with questions and pictures Grammar improvement and transfer Sample form with suggestions of exercises, Question cards
Family Braun´s holiday VHS Drawings Creative and spontaneous speaking and writing Sample form
Fictive Exhibition of Painting VHS Pictures, pens, sheets, scissors, glue, computer Creativity, cooperative learning and communication Sample form
Film as an example of language use in the real life CTP Film Speaking Sample form, Video
Getting to know each other (bingo) VHS     Sample form
Greetings in Bavaria VHS Video clip and text Improvement of understanding in German and intercultural classes Sample form with link to video and suggestions for exercises, text
Greetings episode LLU Video materials Speaking and cross-cultural communication skills Sample form, Video
Greeting in Lithuania KKKJRF video film intercultural skills, listening. speaking Sample form, Video
Greetings in Spain FECEAV Video Cooperative learning, writing, listening and speaking skills.
Sample form, Video
Greetings/saludos FECEAV Posters with pictures of basic identifying gestures and feelings Presentation, understanding and knowledge of basic gestures of identification with the goal of learning Spanish in a fun way with a group of students of different nationalities and languages Sample form, pictures
Group reading of a poem FECEAV Poems Listening of an Spanish poem and group reading of a verse Sample form
Guided drawing VSV Several simple drawings and empty sheets Ice-breaker or in between activity, communication, listening, cooperative learning Sample form
Have a Guess! VHS Drawings, scissors Vocabulary improvement, spontaneous speaking Sample form with drawings and suggestions for exercises
Icebreaker: coffee or tea CTP Flashcards Speaking Sample form with flashcards
"Italian in the Kitchen: A tasty language course" VHS Kitchen cutlery and ingredients; stickers, paper and coloured pencils Memorize the vocabolary and be able to pronounce simple phrases Sample form
Jane Elliot - Blue eyes VHS     Sample form
Language portrayal VHS     Sample form
Learning type test VHS several empty sheets, several pens, small cards with the expressions to learn, instruction cards, a chime Improving learning skills, vocabulary Sample form
Learning with signs FECEAV Slides and photos of signs, posters and notices. Videos with signs. Creativity, vocabulary, reading, and speaking skills. Sample form, signs activity, video
More than words FECEAV Pictures or posters made by learners with different materials Reading and writing Sample form
More than words video FECEAV Video about activities made with learners. Vocabulary, reading, writing, speaking and listening. Sample form, video1, video2, video3
My name and your name VHS     Sample form
Our Character VSV     Sample form
Pictures and values VHS Pictures or photos, cards with values, paper, pencil Oral expression and communication Sample form
Pictures for names icebreaker CTP Post-its, pencils or pens Oral activity Sample form
Preposition string CTP Balls of wool Oral activity Sample form
Reading images FECEAV A picture book Group reading of a picture book in the different languages of the learners including three or four simple words in Spanish Sample form
Speech bubbles LLU Photographs complimented with speach bubbles Reading, speaking skills, cross-cultural knowledge Sample form
Story miming VHS Pieces of paper Observation, creativity, cooperative learning Sample form
Story telling through drawings VHS A board or a large sheet and chalk or pens Speaking skills and creativity Sample form
Symbolic meaning of gestures LLU MS Power Point presentation Speaking possibility, development of cross-cultural competence Sample form, ppt presentation
Talking folders CTP Pictures visualising a topic  in a folder - with prompts Speaking skills Sample form, Foto1, Foto2
The comparative VSV     Sample form
The interactive letter: “Meeting Lithuania” KKKJRF The interactive letter, sheets with the exercise “True/false statements about Lithuania”, PCs, multimedia, internet Vocabulary, grammar, reading, speaking,
writing, intercultural skills
Sample form with link to interactive letter, suggestions for the activity, true/false statements about Lithuania
The hand VSV     Sample form
The neighbours VSV     Sample form
Timeless signs - Otto Neurath and Gerd Arntz VHS     Sample form
To pose pictures VHS     Sample form
Translation activity flashcards CTP A4 white sheets of paper, blackboard, scissors, envelopes, Flashcards Writing activity Sample form
Visual crosswords CTP Crossword with clue sentences replaced by pictures Spelling and vocabulary skills Sample form, presentation
Word Family Tree VHS Sheet with trees Learning vocabulary Sample form with explamations and examples

Title of the video


How do we see color VHS
Color in nature VHS



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VISUALISATION is a two year (2011-2013) Grundtvig Learning Partnership project involving partners from Austria, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Spain and Switzerland cooperating with the aims of creating and implementing language teaching methodologies in adult education.

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