Volkshochschule Olching e.V. - Germany

The Adult Education Centre "Volkshochschule Olching e.V." has got a 59 year experience in providing adult education. Situated 25 min. from Munich centre, the association offers the adequate response to the challenge issued from changes in population structures and from job market expectation.
Its long experience in teaching and in dealing with different generations, people from different countries and people with different needs and expectation is a guarantee for the success of this project. The social impact of our association is extremely important as it reaches more than 40% of the local population (about 10,500 from 25,000 inhabitants in our city).
Quality and reliability, personal involvement and high qualified tutors have brought our organisation a particularly good reputation. The quality, the quantity and the diversity of our learning programme assure an appropriated respond to the expectations and needs of course participants and of the actual economical market.
Our institution offers a large range of different courses and workshops e.g. in art, philosophy, literature, health, computer skills, languages, social and political skills, courses for professional purposes, courses for house management and cooking and more.
This term over 70 language courses in about 14 languages will be conducted by about 40 high-qualified tutors. Furthermore a number of teachers have been trained for the qualification of examiner for different languages from A1 to B1 EU - levels during the last years.
The conductor of this project is Chairwoman of the Board of the school since 1998, Master of Intercultural Competence, speaks four languages and is responsible for tutors´ training in intercultural competence skills.
The VHS initiated the project and will insure the coordination of the project “Visualisation” as well as the evaluation, take part to all activities and fulfil all tasks as decided with all partners.

CTP Albignasego - Italy

CTP is a public school for basic adult education (CTP stands for Territorial Center of Permanent Adult Education).
The school offers a large variety of courses for adult people (learners´age ranges from 16 to 80):
- Annual courses to get middle school diploma for Italians and foreigners as well
- Italian language for foreign people at different levels
- Foreign languages at different levels (English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Arab, Chinese)
- lots of other short courses ranging from Art to Music, Literary, Local History, Health, Botany, etc.

The CTP Albignasego works moreover in connection with the “Rete CTP di Padova” (“CTPs Padua Net”), a local partnership of 9 CTPs in Padua province with also a special section working in a State’s Prison.
The school can offer a wide use of ICT to support teaching. It is provided with 2 modern and fully equipped computer classrooms (each one has 30 PCs), WIFI connection, computers and LIMs (Interactive Whiteboards) are in each of the normal classrooms. Last year more than 1250 adults took part in different courses, about 50% were adults attending classes for foreign languages (42 classes). 11 high qualified teachers teach different languages in the CTP “Manara Valgimigli” and 2 more teach Italian for immigrants, but it’s forecasted to involve further 4-5 teachers from the net of the other CTPs in Padua in the project VISUALIZATION.
The number of learners involved in adult education activities in the whole CTPs Padua Net is estimated approximately 9000. We consider that about 20% are immigrants attending courses for social and linguistic integration or to get Middle School diploma.
Furthermore three classes of primary school teachers are being trained for qualification as English language teachers in primary school as part of a three-year national training plan at CTP “Valeri”, XI I.C. “Vivaldi”. The plan implies that the 40% course is on line and includes activities that employ a wide variety of visual materials from an internet platform and internet sites.

Federation of Adult Eduation Groups of Valladolid - FeCEAV - Spain

The Federation of Adult Education Groups of Valladolid (FeCEAV) is a non-profit organization which groups seven associations from Valladolid, it carries an experience in Adult Education of more than 20 years. It has taken part in the Provincial Program of the Ministry of Education and Culture until the year 1994-95, and at the present time it manages and develops the Municipal Program of Adult Education of the City Council in Valladolid. The Field of Basic Formation has been a high-priority in the Educational Project of this entity that, as recognition to this work, received the first Reward Miguel Hernández of Literacy in 1996, by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Culture. Since 1996 it has a wide experience in European projects.
The FeCEAV has as a mission to be an autonomous, professional, innovative and influential organisation, that understands education as every citizen’s right, and it has as main objective people’s training for their social, personal and working development.
For that, FeCEAV offers permanent education services to all the adult population from Valladolid and surroundings, accessible and adapted to each person’s circumstances, with its own methodology, participative, updated and contrasted by reason of its results.

Kaunas College Kedainiai Jonusas Radvila Faculty - Lithuania

Kaunas College is a state higher non-university education institution offering 43 study programs with practical bias for more than 8000 students studying in 7 faculties.
The objective of Kaunas College international cooperation is to improve the quality of studies and applied research and to ensure the compliance of College graduates skills with continuously changing needs of international labour market, to implement good practice and experience of other countries and to seek for international recognition.
Kaunas College pays much attention to the role of social partners in educational system of the college. As studies in Kaunas College have strong practical bias, great attention is paid to the arrangement of practical training.
Kedainiai Jonusas Radvila Faculty is a department of Kaunas College. It implements such study programmes: English-Other Foreign language Pedagogy, Bussiness English Studies, Social Pedagogy. The Faculty has the Adult Education Department, which permanently organizes English, German, IT courses to adult learners and provides educational services to the seniors of The University of the Third Age Kedainiai Faculty.
The Kedainiai Jonusas Radvila Faculty is located close to Kaunas. The main social problems of the region are the following: unemployment, high number of social risk families, high number of emigrants. In the present project the Faculty is ready to take part to all activities and fulfil all tasks as decided with all partners.

Latvijas Lauksaimniecības universitāte - Jelgavia - Latvia

Latvia University of Agriculture is the only higher agricultural education establishment in Latvia and it aims to: promote intellectual potential for rural development in agriculture; encourage young people to acquire higher academic and professional education; develop research; promote lifelong learning, contribute to the cultural development; study, maintain and perfect the gained experience from the Latvian people and pass it over to the future generations.
The university is multi-profiled. Besides the traditional study fields, LLU also provides multiform unique study programmes related with advanced agriculture, veterinary medicine, food production, forestry and landscape architecture.
About 6000 and more than 300 lecturers and researchers carry out research significant for Latvia, Baltic Sea Region and also are involved in research programs of the European Union.
In the field of lifelong learning Latvia University of Agriculture is offering a large range of different courses and professional development programs in pedagogy and psychology, IT, social sciences and administration, agriculture, food technology, veterinary medicine, project management, languages, engineering, environment and art, business studies etc. Last year (2010) 27 different courses and programs were carried out and more than 550 participants of different ages decided to improve skills.
Latvia University of Agriculture has accepted participation in the project “Visualisation” and as a partner will ensure successful development, evaluation and implementation of the project, taking part to all activities and cooperating with project coordinator and other partners.

Volkshochschule Hietzing - Wien - Austria

Volkshochschule Hietzing is an adult education center working in European projects for more tha\n 10 years. Our school offers about 600 courses for more than 3.000 learners for each semester for languages, gymnastics, computer and art. one third of our programm are language courses in different levels. Twenty languages can be learned in VHS Hietzing. Most of our learners are 50+. VHS Hietzing have also the possibility to present the work of art courses in the gallery on two floors. First floor is for fotos and second floor for painting.
In our daily work we use art to give our learners new impulses and art is also used for political and social interventions.
VHS Hietzing can present the work in the gallery. The exhibitions are also included in our courses and give examples for discussions. VHS Hietzing also has a long experience in online questionairing, for the evaluation. We used this tool also making polls for different target groups about values (Which values do we like?), about remembering the Shoa.
VHS Hietzing is one adult education center in Vienna and part of the network of 17 Volkshochschulen in Vienna. In nearly each district there is a Volkshochschule in Vienna and every institution has a special program and an individual focal point.
VHS Hietzing emphasis languages, art and history in adult education.

Verband der Schweizerischen Volkshochsch - Bern - Switzerland

Swiss Adult Education Association (Verband der Schweizerischen Volkshochschulen – VSV) is seated in the city of Berne, Switzerland. VSV today has approximately 100 members, 100 active and efficient Swiss Institutes of Adult Education, in all four speaking regions and represents them on national and international level. Each year we carry out more than 11'000 courses attended by 160'000 persons.
Amongst others, the aims of Association are following:
Promoting adult education and integration into a lifelong learning system;
Development and expansion of national universities, regional and cantonal organisations
Fostering cooperation between our members;
Support of our members in their activities
Presenting our members’ interests at national and international level and collaboration with other institutions. Boards, committees, working groups and representatives of languages, informatics and integration work for the Association of Swiss National Universities.
Verband der Schweizerischen Volkshochschulen has accepted participation in the project “Visualisation” and will participate in all transnational partnership activity and report on project implementation following the time-schedule and rules, cooperating with project coordinator and other partners.

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VISUALISATION is a two year (2011-2013) Grundtvig Learning Partnership project involving partners from Austria, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Spain and Switzerland cooperating with the aims of creating and implementing language teaching methodologies in adult education.

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