Meeting in Olching
October 19-23 2011
Group at the Rathaus Gemeinde Anzeiger 3-11-2011
Group with Mayor Italian team Working session at VHS
  Austrian team  
Latvian teachers Hélène  



2011 november. Spanish learners from Valladolid 2011 november. Italian learners from Albignasego (Hana group)  



Meeting in Vienna
February 9-12 2012
City walking   School visit
Special toilettes Spanish learners and teachers German learners
  Carpet of symbols & memories Wall of values
L'italiano in cucina Tasty language course In the kitchen
Annett Lesson Xaviera visual lesson Group in Vienna



Meeting in Albignasego-Padova
May 16-20 2012
Group at school First contact with italian learners Working session at CTP
  Agris Lithuanian team
Celia and Hélène Padova - S. Giustina Old car
Padova - St. Antony German learners Walking in Padova
Padova - Specola Teresa Group at school
In Venice Local magazine  



Meeting in Valladolid
November 14-18 2012
Groupt at Delicias   In the city hall
Local magazine    
Spanish staff At the townhall Teams in Salamanca



Meeting in Fribourg
March 6-10 2013
    Town hall
Group in Grouyères Group at Moléson  



Meeting in Jelgava
June 5-9 2013
At Jelgava Palace    
Jelgava Jelgava History and Art museum Jelgava Orthodox Cathedral
Jelgava Holy Trinity church tower Rundale Palace Riga






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VISUALISATION is a two year (2011-2013) Grundtvig Learning Partnership project involving partners from Austria, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Spain and Switzerland cooperating with the aims of creating and implementing language teaching methodologies in adult education.

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